Help, need to make a decision! Need your help!

<p>Can you give me your opinion on Montclair State:</p>

<p>Academic Reputation:
Campus/Social Life:
Commuter Campus?
Known for music/Theater School vs academics?</p>

<p>Is it considered a good/challenging school with a solid reputation? Looking for a good undergraduate school with a solid track record with getting students to top graduate/medical schools.
Average grades, looking to transfer for Spring 2010 with less that 12 credits from California.
Looking for a school in an urban/surburban area with good social activities nearby and on campus.</p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>well MSU I believe is one of the greatest colleges around in NJ
may not really be hearing that but i believe other state universiries apart from princeton are beign stupidly overarted and MSU being way degraded.....:(
well concering academics i believe the schol has a solid academic reputation = ivy type in a funny way.........
social life well there are many organizations and things to do there is a train station that can take you to NY on campus enviroment is greast students are ffun not too many parties but the few are awesome
i dont know about commuting but ill recomend living on campus
well to many Montclair is only known for its arts and theater but i must say dey have a solid rep in education buisness and the arts and peadeology and psychology ............coming up in the sciences
ill tell u to try it not saying all this because im a student but because it is the truth i never wanted to come to MSU but i just love it here</p>