HELP!!!! need transfer advice

<p>I am a freshman in a small private liberal arts school and I am interested in getting a BFA in graphic design. The problem is, they do not have a good graphic design program here. I already took graphic design for 2 years at BOCES. I have worked as a designer when i was 17 and i know how to make a portfolio. I do not know what my GPA is because the semester is almost over. My midterm grades are A, B, B+, B and a C-. My high school GPA is a 2.9 and my SATs were 1290. Which schools do you think i will get into when i apply for fall 2012 semester? Can i get denied to a school when they look at my h.s. transcripts??</p>

<p>During the winter break I will apply to:</p>

<p>SUNY Purchase College
Nassau cc
NYIT(i might apply here)</p>