Help Needed and Advice on Recommendations

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m in some pretty deep waters right now and would appreciate any guidance.
So I’m a Stanford ED applicant who got deferred, so on my common app, I have an additional recommender who wrote me a letter specifically for Stanford…
Okay, so now I’m applying to other schools, and she created a new account as a recommender to submit another letter that is more general, aka can be used for all schools. So I have two of the same recommenders on my common app…
Here is where bad things happened:
So I submitted my Cornell application and Princeton application and I saw that you could still add recommenders after you submitted. So me and my dumb self-added the WRONG LETTER to both schools and I can’t remove them. I already talked with the common app support and they can’t do anything about it.
So now, I have to call both the admissions offices for Princeton and Cornell, to tell them that one of the letters is complete bogus, or else my shot at these schools is pretty much ruined. If they read the first letter, I’m DEAD. So Cornell’s office isn’t open until January 2nd, so I will call them then. I saw on Common App that they already downloaded my application and DID NOT download the Stanford specific recommendation but the common app people said that they can still view it so I still need to call. Princeton has not downloaded any part of my application yet and I plan on calling them immediately tomorrow about this.
Anyone have any advice because I’m freaking out about this. What should I tell the people when I call? I’m just super pissed at myself for making such a stupid mistake. Any words of wisdom or hope would be greatly appreciated.