Help needed in selecting University with GRE 1100(760Q+340V)


<p>My GRE Score 1100(760Q+340V+3.5 AWA)
TOEFL expecting 100
B.Tech - NIT(formerly REC) Rourkela
Aggregate 75%</p>

<p>I want to apply for MS in Computer science for fall-09 .</p>

<p>Pls suggest me the universities I should apply.</p>

<p>While your Quant score is high enough to get your foot in the door, a 340 Verbal score is very low and could hurt your chances. That said, most committees look at the entire package. What is your GPA? Can you write a strong SOP? </p>

<p>Because you dont have much time left- I suggest contacting the admissions offices of the places you want to apply. Explain your situation and ask them about their GRE cut offs.</p>

<p>As for schools, perhaps you could try UMASS Boston. They have a fairly strong Comp Science program with a high admittance rate. Generally speaking however, I would focus on strengthening other parts of your application (your recommendation letters and your statement of purpose) if you want to stand a good chance at getting admitted anywhere. </p>

<p>GOOD LUCK!</p>

<p>Your verbal score is low enough that any admissions committee might question your ability to understand the course material because it's taught in English. I would make very sure I came across as someone even minimally competent in the English language in the rest of your application packages, because a 340 is probably borderline illiterate to be frank.</p>

<p>thanks for your suggestion</p>