Help needed on the professor question!

<p>hey! i am applying to Upenn with RD and I have finished %95 of my application. The second short essay is the only question I can’t seem to decide how to answer. I am planning to study bioengineering if I am accepted. Can you suggest some good professors from the bme department? I found Daniel K. Bogen who is doing some interesting research:
Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Associate Professor of Bioengineering in Medicine
Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Associate Professor of Bioengineering in Pediatrics
and I am also thinking about writing Christopher S. Chen .
Btw if u know what do the adcoms expect us to write for this question?
Thanks for your replies…</p>

<p>have you been to the department website?</p>

<p>yes. ı have checked the website quite a few times. but ı cant seem to make a sensible choice between the members of the department.
I am mainly interested in nanotechnology,rehabilitation, tissue engineering and drug delivery researches.</p>

<li> B - U - M - P -</li>

<li>b - u - m - p -</li>

<p>yeah any other thoughts?</p>