Help needed with my college list?

Hi all,
I’m class of ‘22, and I do have a solid college list, but I’m beginning to rethink and waffle between the schools I’m applying to RD (I’ve already submitted my EA applications, I didn’t ED anywhere). My biggest fear is that I’m going to end up somewhere I don’t love and regret not applying somewhere else, because I’ve only toured a few schools. I’m going to list the schools on my list, and if anyone could give me some insight on which schools seem like crazy outliers or things to consider, I’d be so grateful.
For context: I like a medium sized school (6,000 to 17,000 is pretty much my range but I have a few bigger ones), I’m planning on majoring in Economics but that could easily change to another social science-y major and I love the idea of double majoring. I like school spirit to a degree (not insane BAMA spirit, but a proud student body that is more of a community, and I wouldn’t be opposed to a football game or two). I’d consider myself extroverted and somewhat nerdy and academics-driven, but I’m also very interested in getting involved in student organizations and things like that. I’m not going to list my numbers and ECs because I’m not looking at whether I’d get in or not, I’m just considering which are a good fit, and I have safeties on this list as well.
Boston University
Boston College
Northwestern (LOVE this school)
University of Rochester
Yale/Duke (debating between the two for a major reach)
WashU (debating on this because of lack of spirit, but academic environment, interdiciplinary studies, and financial aid are enticing)
William and Mary (again, less spirit, but campus was nice and everyone seemed super nice and I felt like I could go to school there)

Thank you in advance!! Again, I’ve already applied to any school on this list with EA :slight_smile:

I forgot to add that I’m very interested in getting involved in research/internships in my selected major.

If you like Rochester, take a look at Case Western U. Lehigh would be another school to consider that would tick most of your boxes.

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They all “could be” good fits - with Michigan and Maryland size wise being extreme.

I think, frankly, you can go to any school in the country and meet your needs - just because something is there doesn’t mean you need to partake, etc.

So this is a hard question to answer.

Like everyone look at all the variables - cost, comfort, etc. and go from there.

I was actually thinking Miami of Ohio when I read your note.

One thing I know for sure - you’re going to freeze :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Hi there! I would take a look at Wake Forest and Vanderbilt.

Another poster suggested Lehigh. I have a son there. I would NEVER send a daughter to Lehigh. Not sure if you are male or female. Lehigh does have crazy good alumni relationships and a big Greek life. The school is growing, the campus is beautiful with lots of new dorms. Bethlehem is dodgy. The football team does not have a great track record but the tailgates are fun.

My daughter just graduated from BC and I love the school. She was a Chemistry and Philosophy major. BC is full of smart kids and loaded with school spirit.

Depending on which state you’re from I’d take a hard look at your state flagship. Most are R1 research universities and offer really great merit money to qualified instate students. I have a daughter who graduated from UCONN with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology and is now in a top 10 grad program in Accounting. UCONN offered a great education, crazy school spirit, good $, and graduate opportunities.

I wish you lots of luck in your admission journey! I hope your dreams come true! Apply to Yale!

Thank you so much for all this helpful info! I’m sold on BC more and more the more I hear about it, I actually already applied so I could be considered for their merit scholarships. My state flagship is quite good and known for taking intellectual students in my district, which is definitely an advantage. I’m interested as to why you wouldn’t send a girl to Lehigh though? Is it just a general safety concern?

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I have two reasons for not sending a girl to Lehigh.

  1. Lehigh is in an area of Bethlehem that is not safe. In the last two weeks two students have been fondled while in town, and a month ago a dead body was discovered in the parking lot of a mini mart the kids frequent.

  2. The Greek system is cut throat and dramatic (and stupid.) I think it’s tough on girls whether or not they partake. My opinion.

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But they are very consistent :grinning:. Your candor is refreshing!


If you have a strong enough record to have a shot at Northwestern/Duke/Yale, and like Boston (BU, BC), how about Tufts? Excellent for Econ and other social sciences, good aid, seems to fit the pattern. Since you like the larger, school-spirit-y Catholic schools, how about Notre Dame? UMiami could be a good, less-reachy addition to your list - similar in competitiveness and vibe to Syracuse, and they say they’re meeting full need now.

You’re mentioning good financial aid as a plus, at WashU, and yet also applying to publics that are quite expensive OOS, so I can’t quite infer what your financial criteria are.

What about Emory?


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I’ll go with you like BC, take a look at…

  1. ND - Might be a little more “football crazy” than you like.
  2. Villanova - Football still fun, basketball is king, great school spirit.
  3. The College of Holy Cross - Might be a little smaller, but great econ program, strong sports teams for the level they play
  4. Georgetown - Depending on your interests they have a program in political economics. Good school spirit, great location.