Help! Noncustodial CSS profile password location?

One of my colleges recently just sent me an email and mail, stating that I have yet to submit the noncustodial CSS profile (which I was unaware of) and it’s due on Feb 1 (which is in 2 days). My biological parents agreed to filled it out, but we were unable to find the password, so we can’t even log in. The mail says I should’ve received the password through email once I completed the CSS profile application, but I never received the email. I tried contacting College Board yesterday, but I haven’t received any replies yet.

So does anyone know if there is an alternative way in checking the noncustodial CSS profile password, such as resending the email? I am in a really tight situation right now since it’s due in 2 days, so anything will be extremely helpful!

The is no “we would have received a password”. Your non custodial parent receives all of the information if s/he provided his/her emaill. Ask your noncustodial parent to check his/her spam folder, it could be there.

I’m pretty sure the College Board sends the link/password directly to the noncustodial parent via email. It is supposed to be completely separate and private from the student & custodial parent account and Profile.

What does this mean:

Do you live with neither parent? The system is set up on the assumption that the student lives with one bio parent and there is another bio parent living elsewhere. If your situation is different you may need to be in touch with the College Financial Aid Office for specific directions.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I just called College Board and they checked my account. It turns out since I am an independent student (in the foster care system), I don’t need to complete it.

@alooknac just to answer your question, yes, I do not live with both of my biological parents since I’m in the foster care system.