Help! Oct SAT CR last section

<p>Guys! Did you many questions were there for the last section????IS IT 20 QUESTIONS???????And also, how many questions for the smell/food passage? I thought it was 8 right? I just want to make sure that the last section has 20 questions cuz I remember seeing 23 questions for one of the reading section and I was so freaked out at first because usually CB does 24/24/19 for three sections. And I really thought I messed up somewhere and misbubbled the whole thing!!!!!!But there are also many cases that some sections has 23 or 25 questions. Please!!!!!TELL ME THERE ARE 20 QUESTION FOR THE LAST SECTION!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>If the test had 23 or 25 questions it must be the experimental section. </p>


<p>@iStudy I had a experimental writing section. Is that also 23 or 25 questions?</p>

<p>@HATECB‌ There is one experimental section for each test. If the writing section had 23 or 25 questions, then that was your experimental section. </p>

<p>@iStudy The experimental section is easy to recognize but I don’t remember how many questions . I hope the “23” I saw on my scantron is either the experimental section or a actual CR section with 23 questions. More than two people told me they remembered the last 20-min CR section has 20 questions. </p>