help on ap psychology

<p>i'm self-studying for ap psychology. and i bought David G. Myers' Psychology 7th edition. is the information in this book good enough to get a good score on the exam? thanks.</p>

<p>it should be enough. also get a review book when u review at the end. i recommend 5 steps to 5/barrons. they cover the most relevant info for the exam.</p>

<p>We used Myers' book in my AP Psych class last year and it came with a study guide with chapter summaries and lots of practice tests/problems that really helped drill the Psych concepts into our heads. If you can get the study guide that comes with the textbook cheap, you should probably get it to supplement the self-studying because it'll help a lot!</p>

<p>That's the book we used for our class but honestly, there's a lot of info in there you won't need. Just get the Barron's book and EVERYTHING in that book is good game. If you're confused on stuff in Barron's then you can always look it up in the Myers book.</p>

<p>I used Myer's book last year in class and found it very interesting and mostly well-written. It might have some info that you don't need and definitely is missing some stuff (like last year's central route to persuasion) so you might consider using the Barron's book as well.</p>