Help on Dumb SAT Question

<p>14, 17, 32, 50, 83, 134</p>

<p>Starting with the third number in the sequence of numbers above, each number is 1 more than the sum of the two numbers before it. For example, 32 = 1 + (14+17). Of the first 100 numbers in this sequence, how many are even?</p>

<p>50...every other one is even because of the one</p>

<p>Actually it is 67.</p>

<p>Look at the sequence ('e' for even 'o' for odd and '|' to separate things into groups):

<p>1 e from the beginning, 2 from the end, (100-4)/3*2/3=64 from the middle.</p>

<p>yeah, ok...didnt notice that...did it right after i got up, ok</p>