Help on Physics, Chemistry, Math2

<p>Hello there, im a sophomore at the moment and will be taking normal chemistry, normal physics, pre-cal and ap stats next year.</p>

<p>and ill also be doing ap chemistry, ap calculus, and probably ap physics in 12th grade</p>

<p>when do you guys recommend me to take the subject tests for these subjects according to the timing of my classes?</p>

<p>give yourself about a month after your precalc class to prepare before you take the MATH IIC test. Hopefully, you will remember almost all of the material and won't need to "prepare," instead you can just review and brush up on you weaker topics. Calculus might help you on the MATH IIC test, but probably not. It covers mostly precalculus and trig material. For physics and chemistry, it really depends on how much material your teacher covers. I know that I would not have been prepared to take either the SAT II physics or chemistry after regular physics and regular chemistry. Of course, it's possible to take the tests, but you will need to do considerable work outside of class. You don't have a lot of options considering you won't finish AP chem or physics before your test scores will need to be submited. I recommend studying a lot over the summer after you finish chemistry and physics. Use two--maybe even three--test prep books to help you prepare. No book will cover everything that might be on the test.</p>

<p>just a quick reminder, i found the stuff easy but timing was pretty straint...</p>

<p>hey guys, i had another question: would ap physics b be enough for the physics subject test?</p>

<p>Subject tests correspond to high school-level curricular. Thus a normal survey course of physics is sufficient for the test. The more comfortable you are with the material (through AP courses in this case) the better off you'll be... usually.</p>