Help on SAT Preparation for Math - have I done the right things?

<p>Well, due to some medical issues [particularly anxiety-related] I'm not sure I've done as much prep, or as extensive of prep as I should have in the past few months for the math section.
The other sections I believe I am fine with. I definitely went through enough Writing/Critical Reading questions, so it's okay.
Basically, what I have done is worked through all of the practice problems in Kaplan and CollegeBoard prep books and I have worked through the practice problems in the CollegeBoard booklet offered in the guidance for free. I've done question of the days consistently. I just can't seem to hit 100% on every math problem I see and it makes me nervous... I just nervous for January 24th/The Day?
Does it sound like I've done enough? ...ehh...</p>

<p>are you a junior or a senior?</p>

<p>Junior, but I really want to do well the first time around. I have some interesting things planned for the summer, so I don't want to bog down with more SAT prep.
I've been at it for a few months...I don't know...</p>