Help out an International Under achiever! please :(

<p>Hello I'm a student from london, lived there my whole life (Originally Indian)</p>

<p>Just wondering if you could chance me for any of these schools or what you think.</p>

will be paying full international prices.</p>

<p>Sat first attempt 1650, final 1800</p>

<p>. The difficulty was the math, I didn't do it for A-levels or A/S
and going to uni in america was a last minute thing, so I had to learn it all in about 2 months.</p>

<p>The problem Is my A-levels Grades I got C for English and C for geography (B for both in A/S)
I didnt revise I was so pre-occupied with other things, I was living by myself in a student house since age 17 so things kinda got carried away.</p>

<p>Gcse's I did great 2 A*(Geography, French) 3 A's (Math, English, Media) 3 B's (Double science and english lit)</p>


<p>Extra curriculars</p>


<p>A Level – 2010 End of Year Commendation for excelling in Geography Lower Sixth 2010 2010</p>

<p>================================================== ========================================</p>


<p>A LEVEL – 2010 Elected School Prefect in High School (Upper 6th form), Portland Place School 2010</p>

<p>================================================== ========================================</p>




<p>Over a span of three months, I had an enriching learning experience pursuing courses in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Architectural Drawing. Each course was of 10 weeks duration.</p>

<p>================================================== ==================================================</p>


<p>Traveled around Europe via Inter rail with friends 06/2011</p>

<p>Spent a month in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic etc)</p>

<p>================================================== ========================================</p>

<p>FUTURE PLANS 09/2011</p>

<p>Plan to spend the rest of my career break experiencing a unique mix of conservation and Eco-tourism overseas (South America / Africa) and involving myself in community projects with LEAP. </p>


<p>Supposed list of schools</p>


<p>I have categorized them below</p>

<p>University of Texas Austin
U Mich Ann Arbor
University of South Carolina
Indiana university -bloomington
University of Miami
Penn State
Ohio State University
U Arizona

<p>Please tell me what you think, nervous wreck over here. Dont really wanna go bryant or temple, scared I wont get in anywhere else.</p>

<p>thanks guys truly appreciate it</p>

<p>bump, please advise</p>

<p>I think you have a great chance at Clemson!</p>

<p>If you have any specific questions, let me know! I'm a junior there majoring in civil engineering.</p>

<p>Cool thanks pierre</p>

<p>any more peoples opinions, it would really help. only takes a min to read</p>

<p>take a chance on meeeeeeeeeeeee!! :)</p>