Help Picking Honors Colloquium Session Lectures

<p>I've narrowed down what I am interested in attending, but can't seem to pick. How are the professors?</p>

<p>Pick 1:
Life and Death Decisions - Sheldon Eckland-Olson (Great reviews)
Introductory Quantum Mechanics - Gregory Fiete (Looks interesting, quite a few people already joined, but little information about professor quality)</p>

<p>Pick 1:
Hot Issues on the Markets - Sandy Leeds (won an Outstanding Professor award)
Resolving Moral Dilemmas in Globalizing World - Penny Green (Good reviews)
Sex, Money, Lies & Statistics - Jim Bryant (Statistics look interesting, but reviews are unreliable and either very good or very bad)
Why Governments Do Not Represent Their Citizens - Al Martinich (Course looks interesting, but no information on professor)</p>

<p>Also, has anyone gone to events similar to these? How were they and which did you enjoy most or find most helpful?:
Admission</a> - Freshmen | Be a Longhorn | UT Austin</p>

<p>Good reviews are paramount. I decided not to listen too much last year (chalking it up to "oh they probably didn't understand/wasn't in their field of interest") but it turns out that am few of these are phenomenally one of the classes everybody ended up falling asleep. Luckily this seemed to be the case for only two classes last year :) everything else was absolutely amazing.</p>

<p>So even if you don't THINK you're interested, if the reviews are great then I suggest going for it. One of the classes combined physics, psychology, evolutionary biology and music. It was insane. But amazing and totally fascinating.</p>

<p>how about Everything is Made Out of Something, To Infinity and Beyond, Why does the theme from Jaws sound scary?, and the one about being nosy?</p>

<p>I'm guessing these are sortta like UGS classes. What I recommend you do is pick the one that sounds most interesting to you and try to find out how the professor is because some of them have issues such as returning papers on time, etc.</p>

<p>The Life and Death Decsions class sounds interesting and I was going to take it but switched to another UGS class. The professor who teaches Life and Death Decsions is good from what I remember reading about her.</p>