Help picking matches that have deadlines after 1/1!

<p>South Asian Male
Rank 1/400 something at a noncompetitive high school in NY
SAT: 2250 (720M,760CR,770W) - possibly retake since my math sux0rs
SATII: 730 bio, 750 ush (taking math IIC in Nov)
GPA: 100.6 something, weighted
Toughest courseload, except I couldn't take language cause of sched. conflicts. My GC is writing that in the rec 8 APs by graduation (3 5s, 1 4, 1 3)</p>

science olympiad captain
academic league captain
model congress vice pres
NHS vice pres
islamic center youth group founder, editor of newsletter
science research stuff
trumpet for 9 years</p>

<p>i've had a long committment to all. academic league isn't really serious, but we play other schools and we're undefeated so far this year! focus is really on community service and science with a little debate thrown in. </p>

<p>great recs
not too sure about my essays. I assume they're average. talked a lot about religion and my personality.</p>

American Academy of Neurology Neuroscience Research Prize finalist - 1 of 10 nationally. I'm hoping this is a biggie, but I dunno if a lot of people know about it
NM Commended
AP Scholar w/ Distinction
Some misc community awards </p>

<p>ok, that was really long. Anyway, here are the colleges I'm looking into:</p>

Columbia (brother went here, dad does research = tuition benefits)
Johns Hopkins
U Mich
SUNY Binghamton</p>

<p>Looking for a school with strong bio and good undergraduate research opportunities. Also, a strong music program would be nice. Do I have a chance at any of these schools? I need more matches, I keep have recurring dreams that I'm gonna get rejected everywhere and end up going to binghamton! it's my financial safety! ahhhhhhhhhhhh.</p>

<p>Of the 9 schools listed at least 5 of them are going to be reaches just due to selectivity, but you're more or less competitive at all of them.</p>

<p>Don't take the SAT again. Your math score does not suck. My math score sucks, and in your case I doubt having a higher score will make much of a difference. U Michigan looks good, cept I'm not sure how much being out-of-state counts. Maybe you do and therefore don't me to comment. So maybe I'll stop...</p>

<p>I appreciate it your input. I'm just getting nervous because they're all really selective, except binghamton. Even for Mich, I'm OOS and I just applied (late in the game = death). Thanks again for the advice, and bump</p>

<p>Try NYU, that's definitely a strong match, and the due date is Jan. 15th.</p>