Help Planning out My Education

I am currently out of funds and cannot finish my education the way I had intended. I need help in finding a job as I have zero real world skills. My old occupation was a self-employed

That happens to lots of people during normal times - and these certainly aren’t that. What school do you attend and what’s your status with them? What’s your major and how far along are you?

look - as a self employed whatever, you do have real world experience. I see help wanted/now hiring signs when I am out and about. Take stock of your skills and find someplace you fit - even on an interim basis.

Not sure how close you are to your accounting degree so, tough to say but, if you have more than another semester or two, perhaps switch to a CIS focus under the Biz umbrella I don’t know a lot about CSUStan’s but, in most CIS of them there’s some coding but most is infrastructure and the Biz side of tech. Its a very different career path than bean counting, If you have interest and apatite you can pick up coding lots places after you graduate.

144 units in but I am not too deep in debt. I want to know if there is a limit to how many units can be taken.

as I note in the other thread, you are 6 units away, I think you should get your BS ACT, get a job and learn to code in your spare time.

good luck