Help Please: Asylee in NYS. Do I Qualify For In-State Tuition at University at Buffalo SUNY?

I’ve lived in the U.S. (NYS) for the last 4 years - a total of 9 years - and am graduating from a High School in NYC this summer. I plan on attending UBuff but apparently, am not eligible for in-state tuition because I’m not a “permanent resident”. I’ve been granted Asylum, but my case for citizenship is still pending and probably will be for the foreseeable future.
Am I eligible for in-state tuition?

I would think your best bet would be to contact the finance office and ask them. Good luck.

Thank You. Just sent an email to Student Accounts. Staying Hopeful!

Hi, Wanted to pass on advice. My friend was in a similar situation, attended a New York college on a student visa. He was able to answer No to the Citizen question but Yes to the Resident of State of New York question. It has an impact based on whether you would be a federal or state financial aid recipient (if not they are less concerned). However my friend was from China and his visa was not renewed. So he transferred to another college specifically in Vermont (Burlington) for an online program (which is also what I am doing even though I still have a valid visa). If you get an online program, it is a safety catch in case you do not get a visa renewed in time to attend classes - it does happen I guess. Also some of the online degrees are more expensive but there are less books (the one I am in is all online), and no travel or waiting around! Hope this helps you bro! Good luck.

A bill just passed this year in NY state, that should open eligibility to you for in state tuition and state funds for financial need. You are not eligible for any Federal aid. The UB financial aid office should know the particulars.

I do not know the details of the NY bill, and you may not have met the conditions regarding timing in applying for it, or getting it for the fall. There is a process to getting access to these funds. You have to meet deadlines and specific conditions.

I suggest you research all of this information and find out the particulars as well as discussing this with the UB Financial Aid office.