HELP PLEASE! Chances of UT

<p>Hey, I'm a senior from the midwest. I am planning on applying to U. of Nebraska-Lincoln, U. of Nebraska-Omaha, Colorado University-Boulder and UT-Austin. I'm not so much worried about the first three listed, but I am for UT, especially since I'm out of state. Texas is my 1st choice too. Here are my credentials:</p>

<p>-Class Rank: 5/130
-GPA (Unweighted): 98.2% or 3.978/4.0 doesn't weigh honors classes
-Taken all 8 of the honors classes offered at my school, including AP English, the only AP class offered
-ACT: 27 :(
-SAT: haven't taken yet
Advanced English 9
Algebra 1
Show Choir
Varsity Choir
Civics 9
Advanced Physical Science 9
Drama 1
Spanish 1
English 12 (Eng. Literature/Composition)
Show Choir
Varsity Choir
Honors Cultural Studies
Honors Biology
Introduction to Business
Algebra 2/Trig.
Honors American History
English 11 Advanced (American Literature)
Varsity Choir
Honors Chemistry
Introduction to Fitness
Spanish 2
Attendance Aide-work with students attendance and help athletic director
AP English
Varsity Choir
Advanced Visual Art III & IV
Health Careers
-All A's-
(note: our school switched from an 8 period schedule to 7 periods my junior year, due to insufficient funds)</p>

<p>-EC's: Student Council-President, Math Club, FBLA, National Honor Society, Speech Team-officer, Choir (All-State for 3 yrs), Tennis, "Team Leader" at The Buckle (clothing store), thespians, played piano for 12 years.</p>

<p>-Volunteer work: attendance aide at high school for an hour every weekday, 18 day church mission trip, few hours at a nursing home.<br>
-Numerous academic and leadership awards.</p>

<p>I'm uncertain as to whether this is competitive enough for UT for and out of state student. I plan to apply to the college of natural sciences (Pre-pharmacy major)- which I have heard isn't one of the most selective at UT. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE WELL RECIEVED!! thank you!</p>

<p>I'd say you have a decent shot at UT... You're ACT score is a bit on the low side though. Taking some AP tests would help as well.</p>

<p>Thank you for replying moocow. I think you're right, I do need to take some more AP tests. I've taken the ACT three times and can't seem to get past a 27 composite. I don't know why either. The test itself really isn't that hard. I've scored well on everything but reading. I'm a slow reader and have a lot of trouble staying focused during that portion of the test. </p>

<p>Does anybody else have any input? It really would be helpful. Any other colleges with strong pharmacy programs that I would have a chance at?</p>

<p>Being from Texas, I feel as if I can offer a bit of insight to UT. First, with the new top 10% rule (which you may or may not have heard of) for all Texas state universities, top in-state students who would never have considered UT before are now saying "why not?" and going ahead and sending in their applications, taking up spaces out-of-staters could be occupying. :(</p>

<p>You do have one major thing going for you, though: you're from the Midwest, which I'm sure you realize is an advantage. </p>

<p>One more thing: take the SAT as many times as you can before you apply to UT. It's more common down here, and people have a much more instinctive understanding of what different SAT scores mean, and how "good" they are. </p>

<p>I would say you have about as big a chance as you could hope for at UT. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>THank you very much! That is really helpful. Why is it that I have an advantage that I'm from the Midwest? I've never heard that. I know employers like to hire individuals from the midwest because of their work ethic. Is this the same reason?</p>

<p>Haha, though that may well be also, I was referring to the fact that the Midwest is the least populous area of the US. Therefore, there are exponentially fewer applicants from this region to UT. </p>

<p>And UT, if it can't have an in-stater, wants a person who will bring diversity. And you will bring diversity (versus a similar stats kids from, say, Oklahoma). Thus, the advantage. Good luck on applying!</p>

<p>UT usually fills 65% of their freshman class with students who graduated within 10% of their high school graduating class. This year, though, they might change the top 10 rule and fill 50% of their class with top 10's (This is what I heard from a representative from UT). Therefore, you might have a better chance of getting in since they want to attract more out-of-state students. Plus, your GPA and rank is good, and you're applying to the College of Natural Sciences, which is not as competitive as the business school or the engineering school. I would say you have a decent chance!</p>

<p>Thanks all! You're giving great insight! Very informative! Very true, I would have a lot better chance if the filled only 50% of applicants with Texas top 10% students.</p>

<p>How would you all rate the school? I have visited and really liked the campus and city, though very large! Seemed like a really nice place though. Does anyone have any other tips for admission? (maybe people who have already been accepted or currently enrolled)</p>

<p>I think it's a great school, and you have a great chance. Power to the midwest. Your ACT is a bit low, but you should take the SAT. I think it's a bit more accepted in the midwest( the act) than the sat, i wonder why.</p>