Help, please - deposit refundable until May 1st???

<p>Hi, everyone..
I feel like that parents will know better on this issue....
I'm writing it on the behalf of my friend who also submitted her deposit
to the U of C.
However, now she is considering another college, too(her parents weren't too happy about her going away to chicago and finally prevailed.)</p>

<p>She wants to know if they refund her deposit at the U of C if she notifies them before the May 1st deadline.. Also, she already sent the letter rejecting the admission at the other college that she now wants to attend.. Do you think that it's possible for her to reclaim her admission???</p>

<p>Please offer your insight and accurate information...Thank you for your help in advance...</p>

<p>She could change her mind. Since she has already sent a rejection letter, I would recommend calling the Dean of Admissions at that school to be perfectly clear that she is now accepting the spot in the class. Follow that up with a written letter and a deposit check. I would do that immediately and FedEx the deposit since we are close to May 1st.</p>

<p>She may or may not be able to get a refund of the deposit at the first school.</p>