Help please- ED2 choice

Suggest colleges that gives full ride of financial aid to international students
My ACT 32
Gpa 4/4
2 college credits from Oberlin college after attending pioneer academics research program
Full research paper
My research was selected in two international conferences to be presented , and got a title of the Community advocate from the American Embassy. These are 3 international Honors
Unfortunately, all my courses are regular because the school doesn’t offer my any other types of courses
I am an international student
I will not be able to contribute with a lot of money rather than the travel fees
I will major in biology
I have blogs about topics in biology
Also, i have a poetry book that will be sent as portfolio for a talent
My extracurricular are 18
And honors are 8

I applied to Haverford as ED1 and got deferred for unknown reasons, but all the international students i know got deferred or rejected

Which other schools did you already complete applications for? Which schools did you already have on your list?

What is your criteria for schools?

This information will be helpful to provide you with some suggestions.

You were asking Haverford to gift you around $320,000 worth of education. They consider the amount of financial need a student needs when deciding whether to accept international applicants. I suspect that is the “unknown” reason you were deferred. That you were deferred, not denied, speaks well of your overall application, but you will have the same challenge with every school you apply to.

The only colleges / universities that do NOT consider financial need AND promise to meet the full need of international students are:

  • Amherst College.
  • Curtis Institute of Music.
  • Harvard University.
  • Georgetown University.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Princeton University.
  • Yale University.

In addition to those, there are 10 (?) colleges that will consider the amount of need in admissions but will promise to meet full need of international students if admitted:

University of Richmond
Cal Tech


Am i eligible or competitive for Duke ?

Am i eligible for any of those? Like Duke for example? I mean is my application good enough?

I don’t care about the size or the characteristics of the college. As long as it cares about research, it is good.
Then, i can pick which one truly fits me

I really can’t tell how competitive you are from what you have posted. That Haverford didn’t straight up deny your application says that you are in range enough for them that they are willing to see how you stack up in the RD round- but that’s all it says.

It’s not the number of ECs you have that matters- it’s how strong they are / how they relate to the rest of your application / what is interesting to each specific university.

And it’s not the number of honors- it’s the level of the honor (school / city / region/ national / international) and how they relate to the rest of your application.

Because you need somebody to give you a LOT of money, and there are a lot of very able students who also need a LOT of money, you need to identify colleges that either:

promise full aid to accepted international students (the list above)

and/or will give full aid to international students- if they want them enough. That means colleges where your stats are in the top end of accepted students.

Are you Duke-competitive? I don’t know you say you have 4/4 for your GPA - but are you in the US or did you convert that? Are you a star student in your school? Duke is test optional- but your ACT is below their average. Without knowing much about you, given the stakes on what you are trying to achieve, I would pick one of the others where you would stand out more- and I would apply to all the others RD (+NYU which will now give full aid to some international students)

You might also try Berea College. They admit only low-income students, and provide a full tuition scholarship plus work-study to cover all other expenses, for all admitted students. About 10% of their student body is international.