Help please! How does my dual-enrollment GPA factor into my college GPA?

<p>I've taken 8 dual-enrollment courses. I'm a senior in high school and will be going to college in the fall, and eventually apply to med school.
Here's the breakdown:</p>

American history 1 (A)
American history 2 (A)
Biology (A)
College Algebra (A)
Physics (B)
English (A)
Pre-calculus (B)
Spanish (A)</p>

<p>The American history classes were graduation requirements for my high school, so even though I may not get transfer credit, will it still count for my transfer GPA? I really need them to count because it brings my GPA much higher.</p>

<p>Also, the Spanish class was taken at the University of Chicago for a summer program , which is a different school from where I took my other classes. Will the grade mesh into my total transfer GPA or will it show two separate GPAs for each school?</p>

<p>Without the American history classes, it's a 3.6 GPA. With the classes it's a 3.7 GPA
with the history classes and Spanish its a 3.75 GPA.</p>

<p>Will this GPA average out with my college GPA or do I start a new slate in college and med schools will see two separate GPAs?</p>

<p>Please try to answer this! I'm freaking out now I shouldn't have taken the dual enrollment courses. I didn't know they were so serious and would follow me to my med school applications.</p>

<p>Also do med schools calculate your science transfer GPA or just look at the overall. Because my science is a 3.5 (stupid physics)</p>

<p>Every course you take at a college is factored into your GPA when you apply to medical school. They do not just average the GPAs from each institution. For example, let's assume in college you took 32 courses total, getting As in each. Your cumulative GPA would be:</p>

<p>((32<em>4)+(6</em>4)+(2*3))/(32+6+2) or 3.95</p>

<p>You would do the same thing for the BCPM GPA counting only the BCPM courses.</p>

<p>I guarantee that if you don't get into medical school, those 2 Bs would NOT be the reason.</p>