HELP please. its about the writing exam.

<p>What can I do if I failed the writing exam?
I did not pass the AP ENGLISH nor met the SAT score.</p>

<p>Can I take a writing course at Imperial Valley College? </p>


<p>just saying, the internet is really helpful sometimes.</p>

<li>google "ucsd writing exam"</li>
<li>click on first link</li>
<li>read this part: </li>

<p>What do I do if I fail the exam? Can I take a course over the summer to fulfill the requirement?</p>

<p>You must either register for SDCC 1 (or SDCC 4) during your first quarter of residence, or satisfy the requirement over the summer. Many students learn that they have satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement when they receive the results from the AP Exam. Other students elect to take a college writing course during summer. If you choose this option, be sure the course is UC transferable, is either three semester or four quarter units, and is graded on a letter grade basis. (You must receive a grade of C or better to have the course count. Visit Assist for more information.</p>