help please! need to know good schools to apply to

i have a 3.1-3.2 gpa throughout highschool..i just took the june SAT, got a 1780, my best superscore with 2 SAT's is 1850. 700 math, 580 reading, 570 writing, i want to major in business for sure, im not sure if its marketing, management, finance or accounting, or even international business. I speak 3 languages, and 4 to come with french, im finished off AP french next year. Im going into senior year. I have a diverse backround. I need a list of some good schools i can apply to with that resume. anyone pleaseeee, help with anything.
im also watching the money issue. Thankyou very much</p>

<p>my list till now is somewhat like this</p>

<p>rutgers, ramapo, penn state, american , delaware</p>