HELP PLEASE! separate sports recruiting list in admissions

<p>I read somewhere that whenever you apply to a school and want to get recruited for a sport your application is put in a separate "stack". Even if you don't think you have a chance to get recruited athletic-wise (say, you're almost there, but they could take even better people) would your chances of being admitted increase? what would happen in this situation?</p>

<p>anyway, thanks for any help!!!</p>

<p>Since coaches want to but their list together and know that they have a commitment from their athletes, most recruited athletes apply during the ED round.</p>

<p>If on the unlikely chance a coach does not fill their list they may still recruit students and ask that they apply during the RD round. The coach sends their list of recuited students to admissions, and the admissions committe along with the dean of admissions makes the final decision.</p>

<p>Can you please tell me more? Right now my daughter is having "serious discussions" with both D I and D III coaches. If she goes D I, then the path is pretty clear, as the scholarship is part of the letter of intent (?I think?). </p>

<p>But what about ED and D III? Two schools/teams that she loves also definitely want her, but how can she go ED without knowing about the money? Even though both these schools promise to "meet" 100% of "need" -- "meet" includes loans and the school gets to define "need." Yet one of these schools does want her to commit to at least ED 2. (And, as far as I can figure out, the coaches aren't allowed to even TALK to the financial aid people!)</p>

<p>ANY info ANYONE has would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>THANKS! Laxmom07</p>

<p>i'm kind of in the same situation. i'm also getting recruited and my top two schools are d1s that dont offer real athletic scholarships in lax. most coaches are collecting their transcripts and speaking with admissions right now. after determining that your D fits academically, they should be willing to speak with you financially. we have looked at worst case scenarios (we don't get any $$ & need to take out loans, ask grandparents for $$, etc) but plan to speak with the FAO and coaches ASAP bringing as much info to the table as possible. when approaching the d3s it could help you to bring up how much scholarship money she could get from the d1 schools. i don't know how much it differs for d3, but i have heard that coaches can pull strings in the FAO and work to lower your EFC so that you would qualify for some aid. either way, the coaches should be working to help you see how much money, if any, you can expect to recieve before they ask your D to apply ED.</p>

<p>Lacrosse coaches across the board in D III have been absolutely firm that they cannot have any interaction at all with the FAO.... sigh...</p>

<p>wow, i was not aware of that. maybe she should look into those d1 schools more...!</p>

Even though both these schools promise to "meet" 100% of "need" -- "meet" includes loans and the school gets to define "need."

That is true but it is also true that most schools are pretty consistent in their approach to financial aid. A family can get an estimate of their FAFSA EFC from numerous calculators and most schools will describe how their definition of need will differ from this. In addition, most schools are pretty open about their typical financial aid package ... we cover x% of the need and of this y% is typically loans. This info can usually be found at their web sites. Most applicants can have a pretty good guess of what a school expects them to pay before applying ED with some leg work.</p>

<p>Thanks! I've done the FAFSA calculation but haven't been able to find an online calculator that does the same thing for the CSS -- do you know of one?</p>

<p>Also, I have actually searched the college websites and have not easily found the kind of information that you describe (or I would have run the figures long ago! LOL!). Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Finally, are you saying that all students' aid is split the same way? Regardless of their stats? </p>