Help Please!!! Stanford or Northwestern Medill School of Journalism??

<p>People have been telling me that I'm crazy for chosing Northwestern Medill over Stanford. </p>


<p>read title</p>

<p>Ur a moron... sorry it just had to be said even though this thread is from 4 months ago...</p>

<p>Well here's some pretty uncontroversial comparisons, at least in my opinion having experienced both pretty well. </p>

<p>Evanston >> Palo Alto (don't underestimate this one)
northern suburbs > south bay
Lake Michigan > Lake Lag (in summer and fall at least)
Crown Sports Pavilion > Arrillaga Recreation Center
Medill > Stanford journalism (does Stanford even have a journalism program?)
Cubs/Sox/Bears/Bulls/Hawks > A's/Giants/Niners/Raiders/Warriors/Sharks (at least these days)
Northwestern TV (free cable on computer) > Stanford TV (paid cable in room)</p>

<p>Northwestern students are a bit different than Stanford students- less forward-looking it seems (a positive for me). Depending on what you like, Northwestern also has a really pretty campus imo. So does Stanford, but some people hate Stanford's campus. Chicago has more cultural attractions too, but as a city it's probably less culturally vibrant than SF. </p>

<p>Eh not a stupid choice. You probably had your reasons and gut instinct. I'm sure if it weren't for Stanford's overall prestige this would have been an easier decision (the same can be said about Medill's prestige, except you'll be directly involved with that whereas I am only taking classes in a handful of Stanford's all-around good fields).</p>