[Help Please] Stanford vs. BFS at UPenn

<p>Hey guys, I got admitted into Stanford Early Action! I am so crazy happy!!! But I also just got invited to be a Benjamin Franklin Scholar at UPenn. Up till now I've been almost absolutely sure about going to Stanford because it's so awesome, but this program at UPenn "sounds" prestigious.</p>

<p>So what do you guys think? Both Stanford and UPenn are amazing schools of course, but I've always wanted to go to Stanford more. But do you think I'd be a fool for turning down the BFS program at UPenn? Or do you think I'd be a fool for turning down Stanford, which I absolutely love, just to go to UPenn because of a program that "sounds" prestigious. I know that this is the Stanford thread so the responses might be somewhat biased, but I'm willing to take any advice at this point. Thanks.</p>

<p>If you did not have the BFS at Penn, will you prefer Stanford?
If yes, you probably have the answer, because I believe BFS , although it gives you great exposure to some clases/seminars/professors early on, is probaby not such a big deal?
( Bracing for U Penn veterans to violently correct me)</p>

<p>I dont have first hand experience of either, but am currently involved in a very similar decision for somebody, and have been asking around</p>