Help Please: UGA Honors College Application vs. Foundation Fellowship Application

We are looking for advice, ideally from experienced parents/students already in the UGA Honors Program or faculty there.

My daughter applied and was not invited to interview for the Foundation Fellowship/Ramsey Scholarship. She still needs to apply to the UGA Honors Program utilizing the Honors Program application.

Since most of the extracurricular section in the Honors Application is fairly identical to the Foundation Fellowship Application does anyone know if it is the same exact committee who made decisions on the Foundation Fellows who review the Honors Applications?

Our main question is should an applicant be trying to switch up the wording of the descriptions in the extracurricular section from what was submitted on the Foundation Fellowship application, or are these two applications not reviewed by the same committee of people, so it would not make any difference if wording describing extracurriculars is repeated? Obviously, not the essays, which are very different on each application, but the actual extracurricular descriptions. Other than updating to include first semester, senior year accomplishments, does my daughter need to vary her Honors Application descriptions from what was submitted for the Foundation Fellowship Application?

Thanks for any insight or tips you can provide!

I believe it is different committees. I think her planned changes are perfect. Best wishes to your daughter.

Thank you @Sally22 !

Hey, I am a current honors student at UGA, and I honestly don’t think it matters. I don’t think they even review the applications that in-depth. I had a friend who didn’t even meet the GPA requirement freshman year and got accepted. Worst case scenario, she can be accepted to the Honors College for the Spring 2021 semester as long as she does decent her first semester. I wouldn’t waste time worrying about this. Best of luck!

@Philippp Thanks so much for your reply! She submitted her application yesterday, so all we can do now is to wait and see how it may pan out, or not. We appreciate the additional reassurance.