Help Please! :(

<p>omg so recently i lost both my AP student packet and the yellow lil ticket which has my AP number on it...I am not an American citizen so I don't have a SSN. Is it possible for me to still get my score during summer on July 1st?? Thanks a bunch in advance</p>

<p>If you were having them mail it to you then I would imagine you would get it...I think it would only be a problem if you wanted to call them to get your exam scores.</p>

<p>^She's wondering if she can still call in and receive her scores early on July 1st. </p>

<p>I'm inclined to think that since you don't have a SSN, it won't be possible for you to receive your scores on July 1st via phone. Sorry. Try to find your student pack for now.</p>

<p>thanks guys! I will ask my school counselor while looking for them</p>

<p>OR can I call CB and provide my personal info to reclaim my AP numba? any ideas..? ugh i took the AP physics B exam and i really wanna kno how i did lol...hopefully things will work out on Jul 1st!</p>

<p>its only one can wait the extra week or two.</p>

<p>Yeah you could just ignore all that trouble and wait =)</p>

<p>one more thing..sorry for not letting this go lol this is my 1st AP and im kinda lost...
will the score b sent to home or school during summer? thanks guys you are awesome!</p>

<p>It'll be sent home in July through mail, but your school will know what you got(I think?)</p>