help, please

<p>i'm searching for a college, as a transfer student, and came upon mcgill. i remember reading an article about US students attending college in canada, but i dont remember any specific reasons as to why it is a good idea/or not.
so, i'm asking for help to see if anyone has opinions about a US student attending school in canada, like financial aid, culture, that kind of thing. i've nver been to canada, need lots of financial aid, and am not familiar, at all, with french. i would however, like to leave mcgill as an option for me. sorry if that's too broad...</p>

<p>It's an excellent school, one of the best in Canada. Montreal is a great place to go to college. You don't need French to study at McGill, and you can get by in Montreal without it. Tuition, room and board is about $17,000 US per year for American students, a great bargain when you consider the quality.</p>

<p>thanks, spikemom. do you, or anyone, know if financial aid is given to us students? like us government grants and that sort of stuff?</p>

<p>The McGill site has alot of info on requirements for scholarships (at least A- average, top 5% of class, at least 660 in each SAT) . Seems like they consdier all applicants from inside Canada and out. Award amounts are modest (3000-5000 CAD) It looks as if you just check on the application that you want to be considered. You should really crawl around their web site, it isn;t too user friendly but there's a lot of info in there.</p>

<p>And just as a note, meeting the requirements for one of McGill's scholarships definitely does not mean you're going to get one. They really don't give out a whole lot of money - nothing need based, only academic - and I know many people, myself included, who were far above their minimums but were not awarded anything. Not to be discouraging, by any means, you should definitely try for it! But just don't count on it too, too much. The cost is a lot less than most American school anyway... :)</p>

<p>the system i go through: 4 yrs secondary, 2 yrs pre-uni collge
'top 5% of class' -hm.. im top 10% of a class of 729 (pre uni college)
i used to be top 5% in my previous sch...(secondary)
does that mean tt i haf no chance for scholarship?
i do meet the all A requirement under GCSE exam. it's not tt easy, considering that less only 5 pple out of 360 in my secondary sch met it..</p>