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<p>So I'm a sophomore at Portland State University and I'm trying to transfer to different schools. Ultimately, my goal is to put myself in a situation such that when I graduate, I can potentially go anywhere (including Harvard...). I know pretty much how hard it is (GPA, GMAT, LOR, Intership .....) but my question is not here.</p>

<p>My question is about the schools I could transfer to and whether or not graduating from those can make me a potential candidate for top schools. BTW, I'm an Econ/Math major and which to pursue a quantitative finance degree upon graduation. </p>

<p>So far my transfer list is: Wisconsin-Madison, Boston U, UNC-Chapel Hill, McGill, USC (in LA not South-Carolina) and the object of all my worries, University of Oregon. I'm pretty sure all those universities are well seen except for Oregon which I know is not as good as the others but could potentially help me more financial (I'm an international student).
Assuming great performances at Oregon + EC + LOR + Internship + awesome GMAT, would graduating from UO be a negative point in my app or is it seen as rigorous enough by top school?</p>

<p>I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks so much for reading this and have a good evening.</p>

<p>check out this thread.
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<p>hope that helps.</p>

<p>First of all thanks so much for your time.
It does help a little but I guess my real concern then is what is the university of Oregon's caliber? In other words, how good is UO undergrad? I know it's far from a Harvard but how rigorous is it? And most importantly, what's their relation with the banking and investment industry?</p>

<p>No one can tell me what is UO worth???</p>

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<p>While you are considering transferring, your question is really about these specific schools and investment/business/banking, not transferring per se. You would have better luck posting on the Business major or Investment banking forums.</p>

No one can tell me what is UO worth???


<p>It's not that simple.</p>

<p>Also, forgive me, but it's hard to get too excited about yet another potential investment banker :rolleyes:.</p>

<p>Thanks, I appreciate your inputs. You are right I shouldn't have posted here haha I didn't really think I guess since I'm always checking posts on the Transfer section. Btw I don't need people to get excited just share their wisdom haha I'm pretty excited, I love math and econ and think I'd have a blast modeling and forecasting etc.... Anyway, thanks for your answer, I really appreciate it. Have a nice evening.</p>