Help Please!!!!

<p>So I applied to transfer for the Spring 2015 semester. I am currently taking courses at a community college right now to improve my gpa from my past college. Is their a way to send my progress in these classes to UW or get them to hold decision until I get grades for these courses? </p>

<p>@Badgerhopeful, Yes you can self report your grades. Send in an email with your student ID and your current grades. They do not need to be official. Furthermore, if you check your student center, they may have posted a box to enter in your self reported grades. Either way you should be able to let them know. How many credit are you applying with, and what is your gpa? </p>

<p>@Badger7 My transcript I sent from when I went to college a few years backs was 22 credits with a 2.3 gpa. I know screwed up, plus had some stuff going on and really wasn’t ready. But, I currently am taking 15 credits and at this point I am on pace for all A’s. I plugged that into a gpa calculator and it would give me the 3.0 gpa needed for UW. Have no clue what my chances are but have been worrying everyday. Hopefully I have a chance. </p>

<p>@Badgerhopeful, have you taken your core classes: English, Math, Science, Language, and Social Sciences? I think if you wrote good essys, submitted strong recommendations, and explained your situation you have good shot! Just keep trying and you will get in. A friend of mine applied 3 semesters in a row… the point is, if you want it bad enough you’ll get in!</p>

<p>Yes Ive taken mostly core classes. And thank you for the feedback much appreciated!!!</p>