Help, please!

<p>I recently just noticed that the Common App has a teacher evaluation form and that you had to invite your counselor to join on the App. :( I have already asked my teachers from LETTERS of recommendation, for which they did not use this Common App specific form. I just invited my counselor and added my teacher yesterday. Is it ok that the teacher does not use the Common App form if the letter they wrote included similar information? The schools I am applying to using the Common App are UVA and William and Mary.
I'm really nervous that the counselor/teacher forms will not be in time or acceptable, pleaseee help!</p>

<p>when you invite the teachers, they will get a email, and they will fill out the form via email and then submit it</p>

<p>When I added my teacher it said they only accepted paper forms. I emailed UVA and asked if it was acceptable that it is in letter form because that has already been submitted along with my transcript requests to the counseling office at my school.</p>

<p>ohh i understand ok</p>

<p>Thanks for responding! Hopefully everything will turn out since the school forms don't have to be submitted until January 10th and I will be back in school from winter break then.</p>

<p>If anyone else has the same question- I just heard back from William and Mary today, and they said that it is fine to use a letter instead of the Common App form.</p>

<p>It won't matter. The college just wants to see the letter. The form that goes with it should not matter much.</p>