Help please

<p>Im so lost as to potential acceptance/denied schools. Here are the stats-
Soph year- 2 honors and one AP- Messed up big time this year. 1st sem. got 3.5 wieghted 2nd sem i got 3.65 wieghted. I wasnt invovled in many school activities, but voulnteered a lot.
Junior year i took 3 ap classes and calc. I got 4.15 both semesters. I recived many accolades and was very active in school. I was class president and was chosen as one of 6 school representaives out of 50.
UC GPA is 4.00
UNW- 3.65
Weighted- 3.85
Im a 3 year varsity athelte and have logged over 150 hours of community service soph/Jr year. Involved in basically every school activity my junior year. I even raised an animal for market at the local fair. Every day for 3 months spending each day and night feeding, walking and cleaning my animal. Also worked 100 hours at my fathers farm over my Soph year and 200 my JR year.
This summer Im taking two classes at city college (gov't and pub speaking) to help improve my UC GPA and make me more competitive.
ACT- 29- I took ACT Prep class, resulting in the drastic difference in ACT VS SAT
SAT- 1700
SAT II- Havent taken yet.
Im just lost as to where i might get accepted- I REALLY need some honest guidance as to where people believe i will get in. Few schools id like to look into if i had a chance- USC,UCLA,UCBerkeley,UCSB,SDSU,Pepperdine, UCI, and UCSD. Any reccomendations would also be great.
Honest opinions would be VERY GREATLY appreciated. Thanks</p>

<p>SDSU for sure.</p>

<p>UCSB, UCI, and UCSD will be hard to get depends on how well you do on your SAT2s.</p>

<p>USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley may be out of your reach, and you'll need to retake the SAT if you want to have a shot.</p>

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