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I am Ludmila, a 15-year old French student. I am enrolled in French and American online curriculums to obtain both the French Baccalaureate and the High School Diploma when my senior year arises.

I am looking to apply to the Pre-College Summer Program kindly offered by Regis College. International students are welcome, but they require an F1 VISA. For that matter, I need a sponsorship to get the SEVIS ID required to apply for an F1 VISA.
Unfortunately, Regis College cannot sponsor my application, and neither can the American curriculum I am enrolled in. The reason is that these schools are not certified by the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).

Therefore, I have dedicated some time searching for an organization that could sponsor my application. I have not found anything yet, which is why I came to this forum. Do you know any organizations that could help me with what I am looking for?

I really want to participate in the Pre-College Summer Program at Regis, as it offers 6 U.S college credits. I wish to study in the United States after I graduate from high school.

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We are excited about your interest in Regis and we wanted to respond to your question about Summer Scholars. Regis College is an SEVP approved school, and we can and do issue F-1 visas for degree programs (just not for our summer program). So if you wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Regis, that would absolutely be possible. We had hoped that our summer program would be eligible to students with visitor visas, but that isn’t the case because it is credit bearing. We’re disappointed about this, and we are working to come up with a solution for Summer 2024. If you do a search for Boston pre-college summer programs, you’ll find that many are noncredit bearing but there are a few that offer credit and do issue the F-1 visa you would need for that. We hope that you keep Regis in mind for your degree options, and we’d invite you to learn more about those by joining any of our virtual information sessions.

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Michael Busnach
Director of Marketing
Regis College
Weston, MA