Help - rerun I know!

<p>Some of you know me from our get together at BB. </p>

<p>I finished my school year and sold and bought a house and moved since I saw you. Now, we are focusing on heading to Alabama in a couple of weeks for AA. I have plane reservations but am looking at hotels. </p>

<p>I have always stayed at the Capstone but their rates are pretty prohibitive for that weekend. I will also be renting a car for the first time in our series of visits so can drive. But I am concerned that I park at a hotel where we can leave packages in the car and hope to have them there in the morning. Maybe I have California paranoia but can you folks who have hotel reservations please make some suggestions? I know you have covered this and I’ve spent about 1/2 hour skimming posts but can’t find that thread!</p>

<p>By-the-by: I use many of your suggestions shamelessly and appreciate the time and efffot you are putting into research :)</p>

<p>Many thanks :)</p>

<p>You'd be safe leaving your items in the car. When I moved in last year, I left my stuff in the rental car overnight, bring only the expensive items up to the room. For piece of mind, I would think that you would feel safer if you stayed in a hotel that is not directly on McFarland or Skyland (though both are safe areas) and chose a slightly less busy area such as 15th Street (Veteran's Memorial Parkway) or out at Exit 76 or 77. Both Microtels are nice, safe, and quiet. I've stayed at both, the one on Interstate Drive (Exit 77) for move-in and the University one (15th street by Target) for my first visit. The university location is newer (2 years old), and closer to campus.</p>

<p>Actually, hadn't really thought of it, but unlike many of you, we are not picking things up in Tuscaloosa, we are bringing everything ourselves.</p>

<p>I was actually thinking we'd be bringing everything up to the hotel room, like we do our luggage when we travel. Yes, it will be a tight squeeze, but it's all got to fit in a dorm room, right?</p>

<p>I think you're pretty wise to think of this. I know the safety talk at Bama mentioned how many laptops were stolen during move in time, and I'm sure thieves are on the lookout for packed cars during this time. </p>

<p>It seems that not only AA and OA are coming, but also the sorority rush and million dollar band. So that's a pretty fair crowd, making it worth thieves' while to take some chances on a motherload.</p>

<p>Sorry, I live in a high crime city and am pretty paranoid/vigilant about such things, but hey, better safe than sorry.</p>

<p>In short, don't leave stuff in your car, especially out in the open. If it can't fit in the trunk, bring it up to the room with you.</p>

<p>Wow, you sure have gone through a lot since orientation. Bless your heart. Sounds like college will be a breeze compared to what you've been through.</p>

<p><strong>Waving at The Student</strong></p>

<p>Glad to hear that all your plans went well; don't know if I have anything to add as we are still trying to figure out our plans for move in day. I stayed at the Ambassador Inn for orientation but I believe that they are booked for move in. We will either stay at a friends in Birmingham on Saturday night or just drive down early Sunday morning.</p>

<p>One of the reasons why T-Town is so booked up is that graduation is August 7. So you have kids coming and going to one place. </p>

<p>Just a thought about future trips to Alabama. Check the academic calendar before making any plans to head to T-Town. I have been known to ask the managers of various motels/hotels how reservations look months in advance.</p>

<p>I'll also add that if you can request a rental car with Alabama plates, you might feel less of a target to thieves as your car will appear more like that of a local out hitting the sales rather than a "rich" OOS student with lots of expensive goods in the car. It's small potatoes, but it's akin to the warning I hear about never driving a car with any mention of Alabama on it when going to a football game at LSU's stadium.</p>

<p>LOL, Seatide. Oh, yes, we get lots of hate down here.</p>

<p>Wow, did not know you could request Alabama plates for a rental.</p>

<p>Student, didn't realize you didn't have a room. Try Bessemer, a Fairfield, which is where we're staying parents weekend. Less than an hour drive. Fairfield rooms are somewhat spacious, so you may be able to fit stuff in the room.</p>

<p>Now, you might also ask the front desk if you can store some things. When I've arrived before check in, sometimes the front desk puts my luggage in their storage room for me so I can attend a seminar or get a bite to eat.</p>

<p>Have a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall!</p>

<p>Sea-tide, Montegut (how do you pronounce that?), RobD, Momreads,</p>

<p>THANK you again! :)</p>

<p>I did grab a room for two nights at the Micromotel near Target. Montegut: I do appreciate your recommendation and it would have been fun to be in the same place but since I had already booked as soon as S-T reminded me because of the crowds expected....</p>

<p>Fall, Montegut....its less than a month now.....</p>

<p>Any of you find yourselves sniffling while filling out some of the parent stuff this past week?</p>

<p>I told my son not to worry - its good sniffling.......</p>

<p>What parent stuff? Sorry to hijack, but want to make sure I didn't miss any mail. The house is filled with storage tubs right now, we can barely walk.</p>

<p>The 'care' packages sponsored by one of the student groups. I really doubt that you've missed anything.....I am a bit concerned I might have!</p>

<p>The Student: My son said that the card for Dominos will be most useful, especially during exam times. ... Aside from that, the only snail correspondence received lately from Alabama is regarding which dorm he lives in and who his suite mates are. As for e-mail, students can confirm their schedules starting on July 19.</p>

<p>I must have discarded the thing about the Dominos card. I've gotten the same flyer about care packages from a few of the colleges he applied to, so I'm sorry I missed that.</p>

<p>Actually, son is a Papa John's fan, so as long as they take Bama Cash, or even his credit union student credit card, he'll be fine.</p>

<p>The Domino's card didn't seem like such a great deal since better coupons can usually be found online or in the ads that get mailed to PO boxes every month. My mom and I have a good laugh reading about all the different care packages because just about everything they send I haven't eaten for 3+ years.</p>

<p>I've received the same mail and e-mails from UA as momreads's son. If you haven't already done so, schedule a move-in time and finalize your info for that trip.</p>

<p>Sea_tide: The Dominos thing was something that he thought everyone in his suite could share, I guess. ... Like your mom, I do care packages. Several involved homemade cakes and cookies. Consult with my son as to when one arrives.</p>

<p>^^^ :)</p>

<p>All of the students I've meet appreciate care packages. It's fun to check your PO box and find the yellow slip of paper that means you can go to the post office counter and pick up a package, especially if said package contains homemade food.</p>