Help S21 Decide! Loyola Chicago CS vs Depaul CS

Greetings! My son decide between two colleges for Computer Science. We are from Wisconsin and he has a 3.9 UW/4.5 Weighted with a 35 ACT/1,530 SAT and A National Merit Scholar Finalist. His top 2 colleges that he’s leaning towards is Loyola Chicago for Computer Science and Depaul for Computer Science. He hopes to be a game programmer and has completed some unity certifications along with gotten industry connections with large game studios through Linkedin who are thrilled to offer him interviews for internships in college no matter what school he attends, and is accepted to Depaul on the Game Systems CS Concentration. Please help! Thanks!

@skieurope Any idea who would be of the best hep for this thread?

Depaul for sure, in fact it just got ranked very high for game design a while ago

btw im a film student at DePaul’s CDM College

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Thanks for the vote for Depaul! We’re still considering Loyola for its amazing CS program though. That’s why it’s a tough choice!

@Lindagaf Any idea?

I honestly don’t know these two schools so I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving an opinion. Maybe @MYOS1634 can chime in.

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ok! Thanks for your help! I had seen in a previous post that you had said some things about Loyola

DePaul CS is well established: larger department, dedicated space, variety of courses/avenues. Nephew graduated f/DePaul CS early 2000’s - well before CS was a trend major. Immediate employment and very successful in the field since. Not assessing whether good or bad - Loyola CS is much newer to the field, as are many schools responding to current relevance of CS. Thus, Loyola smaller dept./limited classes options/avenues.

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That makes sense! Thank you for your answer! According to ■■■■■■■■■ , Loyola is ranked #264 for CS in the US and Depaul is ranked #148 in the US

I’m curious, with those stats, how he decided on these 2 programs, unless they gave him a lot of merit money.

Is he a transfer student -did he deposit somewhere on May 1st? Why is he considering these ?

I was going to ask this same question - I just assumed a major scholarship.

DePaul over Loyola for CS but with your stats did you apply to some higher ranked schools?

Both sons applied to DePaul and one to Loyola. They both liked the schools and Chicago. DePaul has a rep as a nice place to spend 4 years.