help! sat advice for princeton ed.

<p>I took the sat 1 in oct, and got 1450, 690 v and 760 m.
this time, i THINK i did better on the math. but worse on the verbal, cuz it was the same as the june 04 test, which was crazily hard.</p>

<p>Should i cancel my score/ what will they say when they see that my verbal went down? my other sat 2s are pretty good. 2 800 780 and 740.</p>

<p>i am faily strong at everything else. outstanding recs, hardest course load. 4.0, good ECs with many awards at state and regional level ranging from sports to trivia competitions to contests.</p>

<p>I think you should just let it be. There's a chance you did better and I don't think it'll matter so much if you go down a bit. They'll at least see that you tried, and give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was just a bad day for you.</p>

<p>ok. thx! anyone else mind commenting on if i should cancel?</p>

<p>arg. im so mad. i cant believe it. as intl i had the same version as the june 04 one for the domestic ppl. i guessed the wrong section for exp, so i did horrible for that....</p>

<p>I think you're okay, don't cancel - I took the SAT Is three times, my individual scores fluctuated a little but my composite stayed the same. Besides they look at your best individual scores anyway. And since you did well on your SAT IIs it reinforces that you're a competitive applicant - basically what I'm trying to say is don't worry, and don't cancel!</p>

<p>They look at ur best individual scores?You mean that they look at best Math combines with best Verbal?</p>

<p>Yes, that's what they do.</p>

<p>anyone else? i need to know by wed! thx so much you guys!</p>

<p>Yes. Your sit-down composite doesn't matter. Your highest math and highest verbal is what's looked at.</p>

<p>anyone else? i am 65% confident it might be lower for verbal. and this is the same as the june 04 test, which the math curve was very harsh. 1 wrong - 780. 3 wrong - 720.. so i m really worried.</p>

<p>Yeah right. I probably bombed the goddammed verbal test and they're going to notice it.</p>

<p>How was it the same as the June '04 test? I looked at the archives for the June test, and the math sections appeared radically different. I didn't notice any similar questions. Maybe I didn't study the June '04 thread close enough...? And the verbal didn't seem particularly hard, either (but maybe that's just me, since I like English). It seemed much easier than other real SAT verbal sections I've seen.</p>