Help! School dilemma!

<p>So I have six schools on my list and I need to take off one to two because I'm not working fast enough. My schools are Andover, taft, choate, lawrenceville, st Paul's, and hotchkiss... Andover, SPS, and hotchkiss I really want to apply to... But I'm not sure about the other three. Lville and Taft have the same (common) app so I either have to get rid of Taft an Lawrence or just choate. I know it's really up to my personality, but i would appreciate any opinions or help!</p>

<p>Okay, first off, don't worry. Andover, SPS, and Hotchkiss use the Gateway to Prep Schools app so it's the same candidate profile and recs, just different essays and short answers. I think it depends on your passions. As you can probably tell from my name, I am a theater geek so I chose schools with strong theater. Also, from what I've heard, some schools are more liberal than others. Some have a more laid-back atmosphere, some require individuals to be extremely independent, while others have a really strong community life. </p>

<p>From my research Choate is a very liberal and more laid back than other schools. They also have a GREAT arts program and strong academics. Not sure about sports, but I'm sure they're great. Haven't read much about Taft of Lville but, and this is only from CC, that Taft is very conservative. Do some research tonight on what the schools values are, what they strive for in their applicants, etc. Really just pick whatever schools you think are right for you. If you want, you could just apply to SPS, Hotchkiss, and Andover, but as all the schools your looking at applying to are competitive so you should apply to a few more, to broaden your chances. But only if you have the time. I hope I helped!</p>

<p>Once upon a time, Lawrenceville had a later deadline than other schools. Might want to check. They also stopped using the Ten Schools Common App and requested the one that goes through the SSAT site.</p>

<p>Taft, very conservative? Hmmm, not based on our family's experience.</p>

<p>Exie is right about Lawrenceville - if you are applying as a boarding student, the deadline is January 31, and they do use the SSAT application.</p>