Help setting up new email address!

DH and I are giving up on our old email providers. We want to get emails connected to our domain name, say (we already have a domain name through Does anybody have any recommendations for a company we should go with? is a possibility, but I don’t know if there are better services. Thanks in advance! I am clueless in this area.

I used GoDaddy. Reasonably priced, never had any problems.

Does your business have a web site?

For example, the company I work (ed) for uses Squarespace for three businesses and all company emails were set up thru Squarespace.

It was very easy.

You can usually do it though your website provider. Or Google or GODaddy as mentioned above.

Thank you! This will get me started.

I don’t think I can stomach GoDaddy after all their sexist ads in the past. Remember those? Yikes. I guess they smartened up and dropped them, at least.

Too bad, because GoDaddy is very simple to setup and maintain.

I hear you about GoDaddy - I could not use them.

BlueHost is an alternative you can try if your website host doesn’t offer email hosting.

Google is very easy to use, if you don’t mind doing business with Google

I work for a small business that uses godaddy. The service was set up before I joined and I remember cringing while those ads were on. That said, everything seems to work well enough.

I googled a few GoDaddy ads to see if they were as bad as I remembered. They were worse.

I use I think they have other options, but all I do is have them forward emails sent to to my gmail account. I think I can do 5-6 email addresses, plus a catchall for everything else.

I set it up at least 10 years ago, but my recollection is that it was pretty easy and I haven’t had problems with it working.

The easiest may be to use though. I think if you use them currently and want to use someone else for the email, you probably have to move the domain to the new company as well. Not a huge deal, but another hassle that is probably avoidable unless is expensive or difficult to deal with.

@MaineLonghorn – what’s wrong with GoDaddy’s newer ads? The theme is empowerment.

@gouf78, I just can’t get past their old ones. Petty of me, I guess. My immediate reaction to “GoDaddy” is “Ick.”

I had GoDaddy for years, but they no longer support my old school (and totally free) POP3 email, they gave me short notice that I would have to upgrade to $5/mo for each email. I moved to Siteground where I already had my other website and now, there is no additional cost. Do you have a website hosted anywhere? That is where I would begin.

I ended up going with Intermedia, because highly recommended them. They’ve been great so far - they’ve migrated all our emails to the new address. They’re going to call me back tomorrow to finish up the process.