Help shortening college list.

<p>So, I'd like to make this list shorter, but I'm having some trouble. SAT ~ 2300, GPA 4.00 unweighted. Lots of APs and Sat subject tests, etc.
Also, I want to major in Russian and Linguistics (so I looked into things like Russian Housing and double majors/open curriculums.) Could you please help me finalize my list?</p>

Boston U
Trinity College Dublin</p>

<p>Oh, and add Cornell to that very long list.</p>

<p>You did not say anything about what you are really looking for- whether you prefer the universities and the LACs are there as safeties, etc. I would say to forget about Trinity College in Dublin. You are likely to be admitted to a top American university. I suspect that the LACs are safeties, so would cut two or three of them. If you need financial aid, then I would keep and cut based on that mainly.</p>

<p>I'd cut Amherst & Bates due to your interest in Ling. </p>

<p>HPYB -- they each seem to have a different feel. I would determine what you really want socially and cut one or two that don't match. Brown is EXTREMELY different to me when compared to HY.</p>

<p>Well, I have done a lot of research about all of them, and I know that they're all different (LAC or University or Women's college.) However, I really love all of them and could see myself going to any of them. I guess it will come down to financial aid, but I'd like to shorten the list to 10.</p>

<p>Also, I definitely DO NOT see the LACs as safeties - I know that Swarthmore, among others, are extremely difficult to get into.</p>


<p>It sounds like you DO want them all since you aren't willing to let any go.</p>

<p>Do you simply want to shorten the list from a financial outlook on costs to apply? If so, then just cut by app. cost.</p>

<p>IMHO -- If it isn't a cost issue, then simply apply to all. There isn't much more work involved since most use the Common App.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input everyone.</p>

<p>I really do want to apply to the entire list, but my only worry was that it was too many schools! I guess I'll think about it for another couple of months before making my final decision on where to apply.</p>

<p>Some people disagree, but I think 14 is workable. However, I would really encourage you to add Middlebury. The Russian department is supposed to be fabulous and they just added a linguistics minor through their affiliation with the Monterey Institute as well as some masters' programs. Definitely keep a school that has rolling admissions or early action. Do you want both Smith and Wellesley----they are quite different, I think. Maybe you could eliminate one? Bates and Boston University are both safeties. Maybe you don't need both. I think University of Chicago is supposed to be great for, among other things, languages and linguistics and they have early action.</p>