help! - should i retake my sat 1 in nov?

help! - should i retake my sat 1 in nov?


I just got my oct sat 1 score back. 690 v and 760 m.

I am applying early to Princeton and here are my sat 2 scores, 740 writing and 800 800 780 for math chem and physics. I have also registered for the novemeber testing date. do you think i should try to retake my sat 1 and try to get over 1500 or should i leave my score as it is?

For my other parts of the app, i have very good recs, solid ECs, and solid grades at school with the most challenging course load.

I have 2 weeks to prepare for it if i were to do it again in nov. What would you do in my case?

I just don’t THINK 1450 is high enough for ED at Princeton even though it is in the mid 25% - 75% range…

Thank you for your input.

<p>Um I doubt you'd be able to improve so much in the next 2 weeks. In fact, your score might drop (depending on what you've received in the past). Why not spend your time elsewhere? There are much more worthwhile things to do than spend 2 entire weeks in your room cramming vocabulary for those 50 points on your SATs.</p>