HELP! Should I take the Physics Subject Test tomorrow?

<p>First of all, thanks for reading this, i'm freaking out. all opinions and feedback are welcome.</p>

<p>here's the situation:</p>

<p>i signed up for SAT I and Math II and Physics subject tests like 6 months ago. Then i took an official practice princeton review test for SAT, and then for ACT. on the sat i got 1920, and ACT i got a 29, which is comparatively higher than the sat score</p>

<p>So then in may i took the real sat and got a 1940 and i decided i was going to go for ACT instead cause colleges view the 2 tests equally. </p>

<p>Now the dilemma. i want to go into business, to major in econ and minor in math, so i'm taking Math II for sure, but for physics, i only signed up for it because there's no other subject for me to take. but now that i'm concentrating on ACT, is it okay for me to just not take it tomorrow? I got A's both semesters in physics, and am expecting a 4 on the ap test. for the subject test, im expecting low 600s. would it be detrimental to take it and have colleges see my failure? cause i've heard around that if you don't get like above 700 or 750 on a subject test, its basically pointless if not detrimental cause the point of subejct tests are to show your passion for and skill in a certain subject.</p>

<p>Also, i dont plan on taking physics in college.</p>

<p>so i was just afk and talked to my dad...he said i should still take it, and what i hate is that the score choice policy for universities are so vauge, and they have conflicting requirements.</p>

<p>do you guys think that if i got a 600 or just really low on the physics subject test, would that be detrimental in the university's eyes?</p>


<p>also, this is the first time taking both subject tests. and i plan on doing early decision for duke so i don't think ill be able to take another subject test. bad planning on my part, i know ><</p>

<p>you don't have to go....i mean unless the school requires it then I don't think you should feel forced to. That being said, what's the worse that could happen? Retake physics in the fall if its a low score. If you don't retake it and its a low score, that could hurt you depending on what schools you apply to. So take it tomorrow and see how you do!</p>