Help show tonight and D is stuffed up

<p>Lat night was opening night and it went great. Before bed D felt a little yucky so she took some Mucinex. It usually loosens things up and helps to prevent sinus congestion. However, I just got a call from her and she is now stuffed up. she says she can sing, but her speaking voice on the phone definately sounds congested. She will not get home till 6:00 and the performance is at 7:30. It runs all weekend. Any advice.......would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>If she has time to take a shower, Shower Soothers really help. You can find them at Walgreens.</p>

<p>chelle, see if you can find the thread that (I think) was started by Coach C about vocal care during illness. I believe there were some good tips in that thread. Also, make sure the mucinex is the regular kind, or else it could (and I pray I have this correct!) dry up the vocal cords.</p>

<p>Also, does she have one of those personal steamers? If not, run out to the store and get one. They are great. Use the steamer ONLY with water, however, and not with the pads that they sell along with them. Coach C says those are bad.</p>


<p>Lots and lots of Theraflu.</p>

<p>I was just looking at this, so it's right at hand. Same deal here with son!</p>

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<p>What everybody else said, and let me add my new favorite thing--NASAL IRRIGATION with saline. You can get squeeze bottles of simple saline and rinse the heck out of your nose and sinuses with them if you can't get the standard neti pot. It sounds disgusting and feels weird but it really helps.</p>

<p>I second steam and the neti pot - or sinus rinse. However, if her nasal passages are blocked - not just a bit stuffy, then I wouldn't do the sinus rinse - she doesn't want to force the water in. If just a little stuffy, then do it a couple of times a day - after the first time, you can't believe how open you feel.</p>

<p>I use Umcka coldcare and it really helps shorten and/or stops me from actually getting a full blown cold. I also use a nette pot with salt water. We steam with a towel over a bowl of hot water and take mucinex. The problem is she is not here with me. The steamer is a good idea. I have a humidifier at home but not a steamer. I wonder what kind to buy? I will take it to the theater when she is due back from all county. Do you think I should put vix vapor in it or buy a vix vapor inhaler/stick. Thanks everyone.</p>

<p>Don't use the Vicks, any kind of menthol is very drying to the cords.</p>

<p>Thanks, OMG that link on vocal care was amazing.</p>

<p>And drink a lot of water. A lot. Coach C has said again and again that ingesting water is really the only way (other than steam, I think) to hydrate the vocal cords. You have to metabolize the water.</p>

<p>Hi all - </p>

<p>The steamer menthol pads are bad for vocal fold issues, but if it's just nasal congestion, they will actually help. I'd have her steam a little, inhaling THROUGH HER NOSE, with the menthol pads in the steamer, and KEEP PHONATING (doing pitch glide hums, gentle "ah" sounds, etc. - very light phonation) in between inhales, and really monitor how her voice feels - if it starts to feel dry at all or irritated, take the menthol pad out and clean the steamer with rubbing alcohol to get rid of the menthol vapors, and keep steaming. The Shower Soothers would be good, too, b/c they will help the nose without affecting the vocal folds as directly.</p>

<p>P.S. Ingesting the water today won't help her vocal folds today - it has to metabolize and will help tomorrow - but it won't hurt to drink it, cause it will help her THROAT. But steam will have an immediate effect on both her nose and vocal folds b/c she's inhaling it, so it's passing directly through her vocal folds - that's why she has to keep monitoring if her voice feels lubricated enough while using menthol.</p>

<p>Remember, menthol is drying to vocal folds but is good for sinus issues - so it's a trade-off that needs to be carefully monitored. The steamer is best used inhaling through the MOUTH, WITHOUT menthols pads, for throat/voice issues and through the NOSE, WITH menthol pads, for PURELY NASAL issues. If the issue is nasal congestion that has begun to affect the voice, that's the trickiest - monitory as I have suggested. :)</p>

<p>Hey, Coach! You must feel like a celebrity ... I used your name so many times in the previous posts. ;)</p>

<p>hahahaha - thanks, NMR! Not a celeb - but I'm glad people are learning voice care tips! ;)</p>

<p>I'm not at all a singer-type person, so I'm no expert with these things, but wouldn't Afrin help??</p>

<p>One thing to discuss at some point is something people don't want to consider, which is: When should a young performer NOT push through illness for a performance or audition? I do think this was touched upon briefly in another thread, but it might bear repeating.</p>

<p>Great point! If it's just nasal congestion, she should be ok - but if she's hoarse (rather than just "mucus-y" sounding), then her vocal folds are swollen, and singing is riskier...</p>

<p>And Afrin is a great call. Any PLAIN decongestant is fine - but nothing that ALSO contains an antihistamine.</p>

<p>A great resource to determine this is - it lists the effects of pretty much every medication you can think of. It's a bit medical-ese-y, but I think it is generally helpful to non-medical people!</p>

<p>You can find the little personal steamers at most drug stores for about $25.00. If she hasn't used Afrin before, be careful. Personally, after only using it a couple of times, I get dependant on it and have to wean off it - can make for some pretty miserable nights. </p>

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<p>Thank you CoachC and everyone else. Last night was great. By the time I met her at the theater the congestion cleared up and she was left with flem in her throat. She handled it fine and it didn't effect the voice. She drinks a lot of water up to (3 to 4 20 oz) bottles during her show, so its good to know she is on the right course. We used the saline nose spray last night along with steam, umka cold care and her usual vitamins.(C, Zinc, multi). She has been drinking throat coat for 4 years now. Coupled with natural honey it is a life saver. We won't forget the Halls Breezers, citrus so it doesn't turn her tongue red. Well you all gave me some new remedies and a lot of important information. I don't know what I'd do without this site. It has been such a source of comfort. Thank you, Chelle</p>

<p>In a pinch if you don't have a steamer, boil a small pot of water on the stove, cover off. Place a towel over your head and breathe deeply. Then make tea~ it works just as well. So glad to hear she was better!</p>