Help signing up for class with Tritonlink?

<p>As a prospective UCSD transfer, I am considering dual enrollment at UCSD from cc. Philosophy 12 is one class I need, and it is available at UC, but not cc. Can someone please clarify this Tritonlink schedule for Phil 12?</p>

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<p>No names are listed under staff. Is that because they don't yet know which professors will be teaching each course? I typically research my professors before randomly selecting one.</p>

<p>yup. they don't know which prof will be teaching it yet. i signed up for a class under STAFF not knowing who the prof was until the first day.</p>

<p>Wow, so UCSD students are in for a surprise. Ok, thank you MiniatureDone.</p>

<p>wait so this year, the students wont know which professors are teaching the courses? i mean i guess it will be better for fairer chances..</p>

<p>UCSD might update their website once they know which prof is teaching it. Whether or not this happens before or after you already register depends on luck=/</p>


<p>They're not talking about every class, they're just talking about Phil 12. There are some classes where the professor isn't listed because they don't know who will be teaching it yet. Many of the departments' websites show who is teaching what class for the whole year.</p>

<p>The "STAFF" thing rarely happens to me I would say. Only some departments do it sometimes.</p>