Help? (Social work or Applied behavior major)

My goal is to have a major in social work. If you have tips for choosing a minor besides math, that would be great. I have a focus to become a behavior analyst in the future

So do you plan to go to grad school? Most social work positions require an advanced degree. I’m assuming your parents can fully fund your education.
I say this such that you need to be aware of your future earnings potential in this field. Look up your field in the Bureau of Labor statistics.

I worked in a huge clinic with a number of social work grad students- targeting different areas of behavioral positions.

A number of them had huge, ridiculous loans. They would ask me if I knew of any positions or had friends who could help them transition into my field.

One of those students eventually graduated and lucked into getting a spot into our clinical facility because an employee retired.

This student had $250,000 in loans, she lived with her husband, in her parents home. The position could not pay her the salary that would help her to repay those loans or to come close to getting her own home. She had a Ph.D.
It’s been about 8 years but, she is still living with her husband, in her parents’ home, where she grew up, driving the truck her parents gave her, but now the difference is that she also has a child.

Not to rain on your parade, but please investigate your future earnings potential. If you’re a trust fund kid, then ignore the previous advice.

You don’t need a graduate degree to be an applied behavior analysis therapist - you can do that with a bachelor’s degree. It is not a very highly paid career, but can be rewarding if you enjoy it. If you want to be a board-certified behavior analyst, you do need a graduate degree.

You don’t need a minor; you can just take classes that interest you for your electives. If you do choose a minor, it should be focused on your interests. Psychology is an obvious minor since you have an interest in behavior analysis.

And yes, it’s good advice not to take out large loans if you plan a career in social work or human services. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t major in it - it’s an important job, and we need folks to pursue the career and provide that service. But it should help guide the financial decisions you make when it comes time to make a decision. (Also, there’s nothing wrong with multigenerational households.)

Agree, there is nothing wrong with it.

Except . . . . . when you have a different end goal. She wants to be able to purchase her own car, and not continue to drive one that is 15+ years old and breaks down constantly. She wants her own small condo or trailer. She loves her job but hates the pay and hates her debt.

Please do not take out large loans.