Help Solve My "Last" Gift Purchase

<p>Thought this might be a fun thread - for anyone who has one (or two) gifts left to purchase yet no great idea what to get. Let's see who we can help out!</p>

<p>Of course, I have a personal interest in this, because I have ONE gift I haven't settled on!</p>

<p>I have a history of buying my nephews who are currently 10 and 7 great "out of the box" ideas - they are sort of "out of the box" kids. Gifts in the past included the big cardboard building blocks when they were little, a puppet theater for putting on shows, "real" walkie talkies, etc.</p>

<p>Here's a description of the "problem" nephew I have yet to buy for:
10 years old
Lives in Brooklyn - has plenty of enriching experiences in the big city w/his parents who are very gung ho on "field trips".
Extremely bright - really, EXTREMELY.<br>
Musical - plays piano - has participated in the New York Philharmonic Kids Composers program.
School extracurricular - Chess club 2 or 3 years.
Sports -just casual.
Is maxed out on Lego sets!
Loves board games</p>

<p>Any ideas on a creative, unique idea for a 10 year old musically inclined chess player??? :)</p>

<p>For a similar kid, over the last few years I have purchased night vision goggles, a telescope and a microscope.</p>

<p>Our family likes the Fluxx games.
Go to the board game thread for some other great ideas.</p>

<p>Is the 7 year old his sibling?
I tend to buy siblings similar gifts, like board games for both, or books, or crafts.</p>

<p>The night goggles are an interesting choice...they could probably use them inside even in the winter...</p>

<p>7 year old sibling asked for the Original Muppet Movie from 1979. That's been purchased and maybe get a little something to go along with it.</p>

<p>How about one of those 3D puzzles? Like this: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Or even this AMAZING 4D one?</a> 4D New York City Skyline Time Puzzle: Toys & Games</p>

<p>Friends (adults) who are board game addicts have recently been favoring Ticket to Ride. I like it a lot, and it is certainly within the capabilities of a very bright 10 yr old. Can be played with 2+ players.</p>

<p>We have kids in our family who are musically inclined. I like to give inexpensive, small and unusual musical instruments that they can figure out how to play themselves. An African Mbira (aka a thumb piano), an inexpensive harmonica, penny whistle or Jews Harp are always alot of fun.You can always find these online or at a good music store.</p>

<p>If he's very bright and likes chess, he might like puzzle challenges:</p>

<p>Puzzle</a> Cubes - AKA Rotational Puzzles
Puzzles</a> Boxes</p>

<p>Very bright, math-oriented boys sometimes love learning to solve rubik's cubes, and the various types of puzzles.</p>

<p>howabout geocashing stuff? Shop</a> Geocaching > Home > Geocaching gifts, geocoins, swag, gear, supplies.</p>

<p>I've seen these discussed before on CC....
Ordered some for my son this year, can't wait to check them outmyself!</p>

<p>Buckyballs</a> | Buckycubes | The Amazing Magnetic Desktoy You Can't Put Down</p>

<p>and now, can anyone help me with another gift for my son? 23 yrs. old, 3rd year law student, I know he can use $$$$$ but need to have something special for him too!
He already has I phone, kindle, etc. etc.</p>

<p>actually, along the same lines as Always is the Ball of son got one when he was young, still loves the thing!</a> ball whacks</p>

<p>Always...accessories for the iphone etc. Does he need some "special" clothing for when he graduates from law school and will havea job. My son actually asked for a nice overcoat/all weather coat he can wear with dress clothes this year. Great Christmas buys at J.A. Banks....</p>

<p>"Does he need some "special" clothing for when he graduates from law school and will havea job."</p>

<p>wow.........I guess this 10 year old was a lot brighter than I thought.</p>

<p> post #11 from Alwaysinterested....LOL...perils of not reading all the posts in a thread!</p>

<p>Thank goodness. That 10 year old law student would have blown away all other future CC bragging rights and stopped this whole process cold.</p>

<p>I am laughing hysterically Musica! You made my day....and possibly gave a few heart attacks to those who's 10 year olds are still in high school!</p>

<p>I'm laughing as well......
Sorry to have "upset" the thread:)
No job yet for this law student :(
I was thinking of purchasing him a really, really nice suit that might help land a job!</p>

<p>You people are too funny. :) Actually, I don't think my nephew is the "law" type. Ha.</p>

<p>Feel free to put other gift dilemmas here!</p>

<p>I'm seriously thinking about the Night Googles (or night binocular type things) or the Ticket To Ride board game - sounds like a good fit for him and his family!</p>

<p>For the law school son: Nice briefcase, dressy overcoat and scarf, slim watch, dressy sunglasses.</p>