Help! Spelman Supplemental Essay??

Besides the required Common App Personal Statement, does Spelman ask for a Supplemental Essay?

If so does anyone mind explaining what the prompts were (if you can remember)?

I’m a junior applying this fall and I would like to know what to expect…I’m starting on all of my supplements early #:-S

No i dont think spelman asks for a supplement essay but ik for sure Howard does.

@BriGrey24 mind sharing the topic of Howard’s essay?

I made a thread in the Howard forum and it’s crickets lol

Sure I applied through the common app and the common app usually requires you to write a universal essay that will be sent to every school. But, in addition to the common app essay Howard asked for a writing supplement. I applied as a biology major so they asked this question in reference to the college of arts and science. I’m not sure if the question for the writing supplement is the same basic question across all individual colleges & im not sure if this questions repeats each year but here it is

“The College of Arts and Sciences is comprised of four divisions: Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. The curriculum of the College is designed to meet the needs and interests of a diverse, multicultural student body. Explain what interests you in the Arts or Sciences, and how studying at Howard University will help you achieve your overall goals?”