HELP! Spelman vs GWash vs Drew for Poli-Sci & English

Hello all, I am a current high school senior who is in desperate need of unbiased advice when it comes to choosing where I will spend the next 4 years of my life. I want to double major in Political Science & English while minoring in African-American Studies. I plan on going off to law school and working in politics in some capacity. I need help deciding on where I want to go to school because I truly feel like the top 3 candidates right now have a lot to offer. I do not want to go to a school where I would be made to feel uncomfortable and as the “other” by my classmates because I am a young Black woman.

Spelman is the only school I have visited out of the 3 and I really enjoyed it. I took a summer class there and loved it. My parents want me to go there and honestly, I know I would love going to school there. I got accepted to the honors college here as well. But, they gave me very little merit/financial aid so I would have to take out a loan for my first semester. I do want to go to law school and I am not sure if the crippling debt is worth the education.

GWash gave me $18K a year (idk how much that takes off) as well as entrance into one of their selective programs. This school is right in DC, which may help me w/ the career I want to have later on down the line.

Drew, is right in my home state which is a negative and positive in its own way. They gave me full tuition so all I have to pay is room & board. I know the least about Drew but have heard that Black students on campus are treated very poorly by faculty and classmates. The dual degree program for law school is very interesting to me and its proximity to NYC, where I want to live when I’m older, is also a huge selling point. I also got accepted to the honors program here.

If anyone knows anything about ANY of these schools & the programs that they offer that could help me make a better decision, please respond down below! Anything helps and my mom wants me to have a definite answer for her by Easter break! Thank you all so much!

I would put Drew at the bottom of the list if finances allow. Its in, as you know a very affluent sleepy suburban town with not much to do for college kids. Yes you can walk to the train station and go to NYC and it has a quaint town but its residents are mostly families for the schools and commute to Manhattan. The other two schools don’t have the financial issues Drew has had, they are much more well known and my instinct a much better fit socially speaking.

@mwolf. Might have some good advice for you.

I don’t know the total debt at graduation from your post. And how much of stretch it is for mom and dad. And top law schools are very expensive.

Spelman in my frame of reference is considered a Wellesley, Smith and Bryn peer. And as a nationally renowned HBCU, I can’t imagine a finer environment for studying AA studies. And I’m sure that law schools love the grads with the right stats.

But GW is fantastic too. Lots of access to DC and museums and history/research.

But not sure unless you can be a bit clearer on finances.

Thanks @privatebanker , but I don’t know how much I can help here beyond what you’ve said. We need to know what you would actually spend at GWU and at Spelman, and how much money your family can afford. GWU is substantially more expensive than Spelman, by more $18,000 a year, however, that is full pay.

What do you have to pay after the aid packages?

Are the federal student loans included in the aid packages?
Can you visit Drew and see what you think for yourself?

Here is a calculator to help you and your parents work through the numbers:

If Spelman is affordable, that would be my first choice of these. It is a unique environment, and could help you build up the strengths that will help you get through the rest of your academic and professional careers.