Help - Stanford EA or RD?

I’ve only taken the october SAT1 test and that’s the first time in my life ever that i’ve done it. Haven’t got the scores yet, but will inform you guys when i do so. Stanford is, indeed, my first choice university. However, i’m afraid that the lack of testing scores such as the SAT2s will adversely affect my admission chances. should I sit for the SAT2s, then apply for RD? What do you guys think, consdering stanford is my first choice uni?

<p>I think you should wait for RD and take the SAT2s first since October is the last EA testing date. They strongly recommend you taking the SAT2s even though it is not required, but I think it won't look that good if you didn't take it.</p>

<p>Get your scores, take SAT IIs, and apply RD. Submitting a strong application is much more important then submitting an early one.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks for the input guys, but should I do SAT2s in january to maximise my preparations? or would the january scores be too late for consideration for Stanford RD</p>

<p>isn't stanford rd like dec. 15? wouldn't jan. be way too late? or is it later than that?</p>

<p>i don't know, could we 'update' the scores by sending the scores after the application</p>

<p>just indicate on the app, that you took the SAT's in Oct</p>

<p>Should i take the SAT2s in january or december? taking it in january would maximise my preparation, but would stanford accept scores in that time?</p>