HELP! Stuck in a 4 year that i hate with low gpa.

<p>I am entering my sophomore year at a CSU university that i do not want to stay at for four years. i only have a 2.8 right now because i got caught up in partying my freshman year and did not think ahead to the future.
i realize that if i stay at the csu another year, it is going to be nearly impossible to transfer out so i have decided that i am going to go to the community college in the area, try to raise my gpa and apply to schools in the fall in socal, which is where i want to move.</p>

<p>BUT, i know my chances are slim because my sophomore year grades will not be sent in on the application (?) so i will still have a 2.8....
so basically, i feel completely stuck and don't know what to do.
if i don't get into any other schools, what are my options? i am going to have 60 units by the end of sophomore year, but if i stay in a cc and complete more units junior year to raise my gpa even more, will i have too many units to transfer?
i am generally just really confused about what people do in my situation. i am unhappy as it is but i feel like i am going to end up being stuck in community college if i drop out of the csu i'm in right now.</p>

<p>any advice would be very appreciated. thanks</p>

<p>Well you can go to a community college until you get your GPA up to an acceptable level. You might end up with around 90 credits but if you're okay with only being allowed to transfer 60 of those credits to a university then there shouldn't be a problem.</p>

<p>It depends on the individual college if it will accept more than 60 credits or not. Some colleges won't accept applicants with more than that amount while others won't consider applicants with more than that amount at all. </p>

<p>You will have a lot more options for schools if your GPA is above a cumulative 3.0. Are finances a concern? </p>

<p>Transfer deadlines are anywhere from February to June (if not later). It's possible that colleges might see your second semester midterm or even final grades. It's also possible that after your sophomore year you take a semester or a year off before you apply. This way colleges will definitely see your second semester grades.</p>

<p>you can get into UCM, UCR or UCSC with a 2.8GPA</p>

<p>if you're willing to take an extra year, you can go to a community college, and easily boost your GPA up and you'd be in the running for UCD, UCI, UCSB, and UCSD</p>

<p>remember, the UCs DO LOOK AT FALL GRADES.</p>

<p>If you really hate your current CSU that much, I would go to a CC.
They do look at your fall grades, don't forget that, as for counting them into your cumulative GPA, I'm not too sure, you would have to ask someone on here.
If you decide on a CC you can transfer your college credits over, and from there, complete up 60 units within your sophomore year. If you end up with at least a 3.0, that will put you in the running for all UC's aside from Cal and LA. If you don't get a 3.0, you can transfer to another CSU of your choice, perhaps even an out of state/private.</p>